About SeaWitch Medicinals

Jessica Gorman founded SeaWitch Medicinals in the coastal town of Newport, after spending time in Salem, MA learning the Art and Science of Witchcraft.  Her extensive background in food, combined with new knowledge of plant medicine allowed her to create formulas that make the most of the cannabis plant and all its qualities while also being pleasant to consume. We like to think about as science infused with a little bit of magic.

SeaWitch Medicinals are produced with a care for ingredients and packaging that are body and earth friendly. We use the whole plant, including leaves and roots, to infuse every product with all of the healing benefits that cannabis has to offer. We believe that healing, wellness and self care can involve an aspect of pleasure and ritual. We infuse both into every product.

Our products are currently available to RI medical patients exclusively at Greenleaf Compassion, in Portsmouth, RI.

As with any medicine, please consult with your physician and local bud-tender before using any Medical Cannabis..

Thank you for stopping by. 
For more information you can find us at Greenleaf Compassion Center.